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Edutainment is the mixture of education and entertainment. The goal of edutainment is to make learning fun by creating an environment or an opportunity for learning to be seen as something that is exciting and entertaining. Now, let me begin by saying this: I’m not against any of that. People learn in different ways: some are book smart, some are on-the-job smart, and some are street smart. And...



On Monday, Tim Donahue published an article in The New York Times titled – “If Everyone Gets an A, No One Gets an A.” The purpose of the article was to consider the issue of “grade-inflation.” Grade-inflation is a term that deals with the drastic rise in college students receiving an A grade. The point of the article mentioned before is simple, if everybody gets an A grade then the A grade that...



Big Tech organizations like Alphabet (the parent company of Google and YouTube), Meta (parent company of Facebook, Threads, and Instagram) are using their size and their strength to seize control of information, to set the tone of interpretation, and to strong-arm influencers into compliance through financial extortion and relevancy sabotage. News organizations and businesses (small and big...

Forever Young


A recent New York Magazine article titled “They always say the younger you start the better.” In this article, Daisy Schofield, discusses with 12–15-year-old ladies about their skincare routines. What It Tells Us There is a strong push today for the younger generation to stay younger longer by doing everything that they can while they’re young to combat the aging process. For some young people...

Girlfriend/Boyfriend Effect


The Girlfriend Effect is a trend that involves women showing a “before and after” style slideshow with photos of their boyfriend or husband before they started dating, followed by photos of how they look now. The Boyfriend Effect, generally, is reversed. In this trend, women post flattering photos of themselves before dating and less-flattering photos after. What It Tells Us The implication of...



The tag #taylor currently has over 77 million TikTok views. This is the hashtag that is being used to discuss the “relationship” between singer Taylor Swift and Kansas City football player Donna Kelce. As Taylor swift has recently been seen attending Kansas City football games pointing out Donna Kelce on the field to those around her, and Taylor Swift has been recently headlining a lot of NFL...

Searching For Sad


Data from Spotify (an online music platform) shows that Gen Z’s most popular music searchterm is the word “sad.” What It Tells Us Today’s younger audiences have a few melancholy standout artists, spanning across all genres – Lana Del Rey, Drake, The 1975, Zach Bryan, Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift, to name a few. Folk and country music have surged in popularity with younger...

Rest More…Quickly


At the beginning of this year, Miranda Larbi published an article titled: 2023 should be your year of rest and relaxation. Question – how’s that going for you? Several recent studies and a plethora of social media suggestions of ways to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer suggest that it isn’t the best. Statistically, only 65.2% of adults ages 18-60 actually hit the recommended amount of...

Digital trail or Digital Trouble


Our social media platforms are being inundated with younger and younger individuals sharing an almost predictable type of posts: Staged, altered, or faked “selfie” posts; Personal self-care routines, how to’s, or “story time” (put your finger down if you have ___ posts; Pure stupidity posts; Self-elevating posts. Nearly 80% of Generation Alfa (those who were born between 2010 and 2025) have...



On Thanksgiving Day, Dolly Parton (77) kicked off the 133rd annual Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign with a live performance at the halftime show of the Dallas Cowboys football game. To the views of the third largest TV audience in NFL regular-season history, Dolly Parton sang some of her must famous songs as well as some renditions of “We Are The Champions Of The World” and “We Will Rock You”...

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